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Whole Food Nutrition 101

Normal cells have many functions such as:
--Take in nutrition
--Eliminate waste and toxins

Cells must protect themselves from:
--Unfriendly bacteria
--Free radicals (then repair damage done by them)

In addition, cells must work together as a team communicating as a team with other cells to obtain optimal function. Cells communicate with each other what minerals they need and have.

Concerning essential nutrients there are:
26 vitamins
72 trace minerals or more
Numerous fatty acids
Amino acids
Our bodies do not produce these!  We must get them from our diet.

There are 8 sugars called monosaccharides. Inside our cells, these natural plant sugars form complex structures called glycoforms.  The exterior of a healthy cell is covered with a dense forrest of glycoforms. These glycoforms exchange infinite information.

Glycoforms are present on the surface of cells and actually prevent viruses, bacteria, and other enemy cells from entering a healthy cell by blocking the entrance to the cell’s surface. Glycoforms hold onto our enemy cells until our immune system arrives to destroy them. These essential nutrients we need to get from our everyday diet, but the truth is, we cannot because of farming practices!

This is why we need to take whole food supplements and not eat too many cooked foods, but going to more of a raw food diet.  

What is a Raw Food Diet?  Cooking or heating food destroys nutrients. Heating food destroys some of the most important nutrients which are enzymes. When food is cooked, the enzymes become like plaque and clog our system and cause weight gain! 

You can join and become a member of a Raw Food Meetup for free, where you can learn about a Raw Food Diet, try raw foods, and meet like-minded friends who will encourage you towards better health. See our educational page and check out some of the information covered at our events. 

Hardened Criminals Comic-About Farmers Selling Raw Milk 

When farmers need to fatten their livestock, they cook their food.
Example: A farmer will cook potatoes and feed the potatoes to the pigs, the pigs will blow up like balloons. When the farmer wants his animals to be more lean, he will feed the animals raw food, and not cook or heat their food.

Example: Cooking spinach renders the calcium inorganic; the immune system actually attacks the inorganic calcium thinking it is an invader. Then it causes inflammation in our system. Inflammation (Latin, inflammare, to set on fire) is part of the complex biological response of vascular tissues to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens.

So, taking whole food supplements provides nutrients that we cannot receive from our diet, and restores the natural healing process to our bodies.

Also, all the enzymes are still alive, so Vibe is like eating all the above foods raw!

A good whole food multi-mineral, multi-vitamin is paramount these days to take regularly to obtain and maintain try our Herb Power 21