100 % Food Vitamins

Facts about Farming


The average American diet contributes most to the premature aging of the body and mind. The truth is our food isn’t what it used to be!

WHY is this? Here are a few reasons:

1) Loss of top soil -- Organic material is not returned to the soil after harvest because artificial fertilizers have been used for the last 20 years or more!

2)  No financial incentive exists for farmers to restore the soil; instead, incentives are there for intensive farming practices to continue which pollute rivers, oceans, and water supplies.

3) Lowered soil fertility – from intensive farming such as NO organic material replaced to restore mineral levels, NO crop rotation, NO resting the soil …

4) Nutrient levels are then lowered of fresh produce. Plant roots cannot find minerals; there is NO deep humus-rich soil left!

5) Overuse of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides which build up toxic levels in the entire food chain, especially in oils, meat, milk products, and eggs.

6) Most food is altered – it is now bleached, colored, emulsified, dehydrated, refined, homogenized, pasteurized, gassed, preserved, sweetened, salted, pickled, and loaded with hundreds of preservatives.

7) Modern cooking methods -- heating food destroys the nutrients, especially the enzymes. The enzymes become like plaque that clog your system. 

The solution is to obtain and maintain Better Health. We need to take whole food supplements as a part of our regular diet!